F. Jones Realty Rental Policies

Meeting basic rental terms. Applicants must meet our basic rental terms, which include the rent and security deposit, the tenancy start date, and the maximum number of residents for this rental.

We follow fair housing laws. We will fully comply with the federal fair housing laws and will not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, familial status (including age), disability, or sex. We will also follow state and local laws that forbid additional types of discrimination.

Complete and truthful applications from all adults. We require a separate application from all non-dependent adults who will live in the rental. We will reject applications that contain information that we cannot verify or that are incomplete (if a particular item does not apply to you, be sure to write "n/a" on the line so we know that you did not skip it). We will reject applications that list false information. We will terminate the tenancy of anyone who has made a materially false statement on the application that we discover after accepting the applicant.

Additional occupants. Only those who have submitted a Rental Application, and any listed minor dependents, may live in the rental. Any proposed additional residents (other than minor children) must go through our application process. Assuming that adding another resident will not result in overcrowding, we will evaluate proposed additional residents as we do any applicant.

Occupancy policy. To prevent overcrowding, we will determine the maximum number of residents who may live in a rental, keeping with our state's fair housing laws and considering any limiting factors inherent in the building or property. The maximum number of residents for this rental is two times the number of bedrooms (e.g. 2 bedroom = 4 occupants, 3 bedroom = 6 occupants etc.).

Applicant’s identification. We will need a current photo ID from each adult applicant, such as a driver's license, passport, or military or state identification card. We will need a Social Security number or Individual/Taxpayer's ID number (ITIN) to run a credit check. We will handle this information carefully and destroy it when it's no longer needed.

We contact references and credit sources and run a credit check. We will speak with current and prior landlords and current employers and run a credit check on all applicants who advance to that stage of our application-screening process. Applicants who are first-time renters or self-employed may supply alternate types of references (see the instructions to our Rental Application). We will conduct the screening ourselves or hire an independent tenant-screening firm. If you have placed a "freeze" on your credit file, it is your responsibility to lift the freeze to enable us to order your credit report.

Each applicant for whom we run a credit check must pay for this check in advance.

Financial responsibility. We rent to applicants with a history of financial obligation, and the credit report is our primary means to evaluate the applicant’s economic history. We may deny your application if you have a history of delinquent payments or accounts, unpaid debts, or charge-offs (in which a retailer gives up on collection attempts).

Rental history. We rent to applicants with a history of being good tenants, including paying rent on time, considering rental property and neighbors, and leaving the property in good shape when vacating the property.

Criminal history. We will ask applicants to list any criminal convictions. We will strive to rent to applicants who demonstrate a history of honest, nonviolent behavior and will not, to the best of our ability, rent to anyone whom we reasonably conclude poses a current, direct threat to persons or property.

Minimum income. The combined gross monthly income (before deductions) from all applicants ages 18 and over must be three times the monthly rent.

Holding/Security deposit. If your application is accepted, we will ask you for a

holding deposit of the same amount as the monthly rent. If you fail to move in after orally

taking our offer or signing a lease or rental agreement, the deposit will be applied to any

damages that we may suffer, including lost rent and costs of re-renting.

Criminal background check. We will check available databases, including Megan's

Law databases, to determine whether applicants have been convicted of a crime. We may

hire a criminal-background-screening firm to perform this search. This screening will be

done subject to restrictions on available data. We do not guarantee that the screening will

reflect all criminal history or an applicant's current criminal status. We require your

written consent for this check. More information will be provided to you upon request.

Pets. We allow the following pets under the following conditions: Pet must be

housebroken and well-behaved. We require a pet deposit of $350 per pet. Your tenancy

may be terminated if your pet causes a serious disruption or damages the property. We also

pet rent for $25 a month per pet.

Smoking. Tenants and their guests must refrain from smoking in the rental property.

Residential use only. This rental is for residential use only, subject to any state or

local laws that apply.

Legal status in the United States. We will ask every applicant for proof that they are legally in the United States, which may be supplied by showing us a current passport, birth certificate or valid documentation from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. We will only rent it to people who can supply such proof.

Our Selection Process

We will review applications in the order in which we receive them. We will date-and timestamp each application and begin the review process as soon as possible. We will also note when we have completed our review process.

We will evaluate your application as soon as we can. Usually, the evaluation process takes a few days. We will offer the rental to the most-qualified applicant, and if applicants are equally qualified, we will make an offer to the applicant whose application was received first. We will send written or email notifications to applicants we cannot accept.